About me

Six months prior to making the decision to become a blogger I had had a Very Late Diagnosis of ASD – I think I can confidently say that 68 is very, very late. I wanted to share my experiences, the downs and the ups, over those 68 years. Fifty of those 68 years I spent in the revolving door of the mental health system, variously diagnosed with psychotic depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, sensory integration dysfunction, bipolar affective disorder with psychosis. Adding autism brought it to a nice, round six. Being a multiple of three, six is one of my good numbers. So I’m OK with that.
My coping strategies revolve around being creative: writing, artwork, photography, jewellery making, fabric and yarn crafts, gardening and garden design.

What I’ll be sharing

poems and stories that capture and explore the mayhem, serenity, feelings and fears I’ve encountered over the years

Health Matters:
thoughts about life on the spectrum and what I’ve experienced going around in the mental health system’s revolving door

how being creative through photography and artwork keeps me in Survival Mode, calms me through a Shutdown, and brings me gently out of Meltdown

reflecting on the interesting and puzzling; ranting about the astounding and infuriating; reviewing the useful and timely

Travels and Trips: enjoying all that the Earth has to offer and sharing through Photography and Words

sharing the wonderful crafts that keep me sane, and showcasing my decorative and unique designs

I’d be honoured if you shared my site with me.

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