Removing the masks –

step by step it has been quite a journey

In the system


My personal journey through the mental health system, looking at issues on medication, therapy, and mindfulness.
Along the journey I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar 1, borderline personality disorder, and autism.

On being individual

Words and Images

I’ll share the poems and pictures I have created that have helped me to come to terms with extreme emotional difficulties.
There’ll be stories and photographs alongside my reflections, rants, and reviews.

Near and far R & R

Leisure pursuits

Travelling offers up unique moments. Photography allows me to capture those memories.
Designing and crafting is what I do to relax at home, creating beauty with gemstones, fabrics, yarns, and a whole host of other wonderful materials.

Not all those who wander are lost.

almost home

Just me

I’m passionate about a lot of things like mental health, environment, education, and fair play.
Mostly I explore my feelings through poetry and images and my thoughts through reflection and rants.
More about me

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