My journey towards taking off the masks

It has been such a long journey just to get here.

I believe I’m worth it.

I know I could have set up my blog site within a time-frame much closer to that which was suggested – but it’s actually taken two days to be ready to write my first post.

Why? Basically, because I’m autistic. Well not precisely because I’m autistic per se, but because:

  • I find it difficult to follow instructions, written or verbal, and had to keep going back to see where I was supposed to be headed. I went through the online guides, printed some out (I now have a specific folder set up), and at one point had so many tabs open that I ‘couldn’t see the woods for the trees’.
  • I have a short-term memory problem so that within minutes of finding out how to do something to my site I’d forgotten and had to trawl through all my options again. My long-term memory is very good (photographic, some people have commented) but that’s not much use when I’m attempting something within a short space of time.
  • I’m also extremely easily distracted – by sounds, movement, smells, light, change in temperature – all of which can send me ‘off task’. Added to this I may suddenly remember something that has to be done. I may be able to make a note of it (I’ve got 3 pieces of paper and a notebook on my desk right now, all with lists or ideas) but other times I just have to do it.

So, now I’m ready to go with it. And I hope that you’ll enjoy what I share and want to follow my posts and join me as my journey continues.