My life in words

I think in verse. Not always. Not every day. But – I think in verse.

  • when I’m distressed
  • when I’m heading to shutdown, but more especially meltdown
  • when my head is just so full of STUFF that I can’t get my thoughts into coherent speech
  • when my fear, anger, self-loathing take hold of my being
  • when I need to order my thoughts before they lead to self-destruction

That’s when I think in verse.

And I have to write it down. I have diaries and journals and notebooks spread over many years recording my anguish. Sometimes with an image. Sometimes scrawled page after page. Sometimes just a few lines.

Usually it works, helping to dispel the negatives inside my head. Distilling into a page or two feelings that would take minutes and hours to express verbally.

When I’m feeling OK I don’t write like this because there’s no need. I’ll still write, and I rarely re-draft, it’s still cathartic, but it’s no longer a frenetic act. That’s when I don’t need to sleep after because I’m drained by the experience.

But I still think in verse.

Published by Marilyn

Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder after fifty years in the mental health system I decided to share my experiences and consider the impact my health has had on my well-being. Being creative is the mainstay of my life and it's how I express my deepest emotions. Photography, writing, and design challenge me and help keep me rooted in the present.

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