So, what’s this all about?

Having recently had a Very Late Diagnosis of ASD – I think I can confidently say that 68 is very, very late – I want to share my experiences, the downs and the ups over those 68 years. Fifty of them were spent enmeshed in the mental health system.
I’ll also be featuring the role creativity has played in my survival, as well as reflections, rants, reviews, and photographs on my world and my travels.
And there’ll be quite a few poems for good measure. I hope you enjoy exploring my world with me.

Topics you’ll find inside

Being creative is the mainstay of my life, and poetry, prose, and photography is where I express my deepest emotions. I also enjoy the challenge of design and create jewellery, fabric bags, and garments and home items in yarn. Diagnosed with ASD at the age of 68 after fifty years in and out of the mental health system, I now aim to explore and share my experiences over these years. Apart from blogs and short articles I'll share my life in my verse and images.

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