Gadget review: my Tangle


A great hand-held twister gadget that I find helps when I need to stim but I’m in a place where it would be awkward. I can fiddle to my heart’s content, keeping my hands in motion and my thoughts engaged.

Each section is easily detached so you can rearrange the whole thing if you want.

And it comes in purple!

And black and blue – and you can join as many as you want together. Each one is about a fiver though (£5) so it could become a tad expensive.

I also carry a small wooden hand exerciser when I go out, but the Tangle is much more engaging.

Do you carry something that de-stresses you? A worry stones like the ancients? Rabbit’s foot? Semi-precious gemstone? Anything that will calm you just by touching it? Please share your favourite. And if you have enjoyed my post please like, share, and comment.
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