Book review: spectrum women

spectrum women – Walking to the Beat of Autism

Edited by Barb Cook & Dr Michelle Garnett; Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018

Unless you are able to take in all that a book has to offer just by scanning a few pages, possibly through mental osmosis, then any purchase has to come with a certain degree of blind faith

Well, I took that leap of faith and I have not been disappointed. The Foreword had me laughing out loud and I knew that I would be in safe hands reading this book. The contributors are fifteen women with experience of autism who bravely share their personal journeys in the hope of helping others. Each of the twenty chapters explores a different, vital aspect of life (growing up, socializing, parenting, relationships, executive functioning, self-care are just a few) written by different women and all ending with input from clinician Dr Michelle Garnett.

Even if every chapter is not relevant to you (I’m long past needing a chapter on growing up – although I can see with hindsight how my autism affected my childhood) it is a brilliant book. It’s one you don’t need to read front to back, but can dip into as needs or curiosity arise.

So, to all the women who worked on this book, in whatever way, I thank you with “a silent clap” from the heart.