Reconnect: a poem about self-harm

I’m so pissed off
that nothing’s right
I’m tired – and weary –
I’ve no more fight.
I’ll use a blade
or a cigarette -
Anything to let me
I’ll hurt no-one
I’m no-one’s threat;
Only I feel the pain
and pay my own debt.

Why are YOU angry?
Why are YOU sad?
It’s me it’s about; It’s me that is bad.
Don’t borrow my guilt
Don’t borrow my pain
Just leave me alone - You’ve nothing to gain.

I make no fuss so why should you?
I need a hug - Is that so hard to do?
If I need to go home to breathe for an hour
just trust me a little – no need to turn sour.
I won’t let you down so try to be just
a little bit freer and give me some trust.
I need to self-harm, it’s just what I do;
so let me go free
and live peaceful with you.

This poem highlights the fact that for those of us who use self-harm as a coping strategy – to ‘reconnect’ with our world – it is a very individual and personal act and not meant to get at anyone else or throw a guilt-trip at them.