Jewellery to stim by …

Here’s some logic:

I stim when I am anxious and away from home

I enjoy designing and wearing jewellery

Therefore, I shall design ‘stim’ jewellery to wear when I’m out

April 2019
My first STIM collection

Stage the first … getting supplies

I checked out my usual online suppliers and found some interesting new additions on the market. Large silky tassels and furry pompoms appeared to be ‘on trend’. Perfect. They were available in my favourite colours too. Purple. Fuchsia. Turquoise. Red. Shades of Grey.

Next step to make them easy to wear. With arthritis and dyspraxia – basically poor coordination and grip that makes fastening things difficult – I prefer magnetic fastenings and adjustable cord. In my stash I found Liberty silk ribbon, narrow suede and leather cords, a variety of magnetic clasps. Plus an adjustable ring base and some lovely ceramic beads that make a great sound against each other. I was ready to begin.

Stage the second … on with design

Standard necklaces don’t lend themselves to fidgeting with. And basically any fidget gizmo is good for stimming. That led me direct to pendants with a striking, stylish feature with a soothing texture. When strung on a simple, preferably adjustable, ribbon or cord these were perfect.

The bracelets and bangle were more straightforward being very similar to those that I had already made. The difference was that instead of adding charms and beads the added pompoms were soft, furry, and very calming. Bonus feature – they’re fun! So too with the ring.

Stage the third … the verdict

Yes. They work.

I enjoy wearing them and they suit my clothes. When I feel the need to stroke or touch or jiggle or fidget – it doesn’t look out of place because whether neuro-diverse or neuro-typical there’s a load of individuals doing something similar. And that makes me feel more comfortable.