Cacophony: my life with noise

Cacophony explores my life within noise. Unasked for, unexplained, unwanted noise.

My days when I venture into the world are bombarded with noise. At home I can largely avoid the unexpected, and enjoy a certain level of control.

But there are times even at home when stress levels escalate to a point where my brain makes its own noise. These are the ones that can’t be controlled, won’t be stopped by ear defenders. From the silence I hear music, voices on a non-existent radio, chatter of invisible beings.


Around my mind brass bands boom, orchestras play,
guitarists strum.
Around my mind voices criticise, berate, condemn.
Unable to enforce silence, I control the cacophony with my pen.

Published by Marilyn

Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder after fifty years in the mental health system I decided to share my experiences and consider the impact my health has had on my well-being. Being creative is the mainstay of my life and it's how I express my deepest emotions. Photography, writing, and design challenge me and help keep me rooted in the present.

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