Jewellery to stim by … just added to Maz’s Marketplace

Procrastination? Indecision? Doubt?

Like a lot of people, I doubt myself. Doubt that what I’ve done was right; doubt what I’m doing or planning to do. That might come as a surprise to those who know me. I always appear to know what I’m doing, where I’m going. The practical one. The one who gets stuff done.

I make jewellery: designing, sourcing, creating. Unique pieces. I also make individually styled bags. What I can’t do is market, which means I don’t sell. I do try but I quickly run out of steam. And that’s mostly because I doubt.

I read tips galore, strategies, case studies. They mostly come down to using social media to ‘get your products out there’. So, I’m forcing myself to keep at it and to launch my goods here.

I’ve also added some of my creations to Pinterest. I can only wait now while I work on more pieces. Keeping my hands busy helps to keep my mind still.

Turquoise & purple tassel pendant on Liberty print ribbon
Two shades of grey pompoms hang from
deep blue leather bracelet
Fun, lion print canvas satchel

I do hope you’ll have a look. Not necessarily to buy, but feedback would be so helpful. It’s been suggested that I ‘road-test’ my goods, and the market – but this is not physically possible. Which is why I would so appreciate a word or two from my readers. I thank you.

Thank you for reading.