Sorted. It’s good to talk. Sometimes.

Follow-up to previous rant about hospital appointments.

Decided to phone Appointment Department first thing Monday morning. Busy. I got sick of hearing recorded message so I decided to try a while later.

This time the phone was answered. Yay. I had all my information written out and cleared the ground by explaining that I needed something sorted and what I was about to say was not aimed at her.

I detailed dates of letters, dates and times I phoned. I also explained how distressed I was at reading that my Consultant and GP had been informed about my lack of response. I determined to keep my cool.

The lady was amazing and obviously well-trained. She listened patiently and never interrupted to question me or clarify anything. She took everything on board and was obviously reading my file at the same time. She was able to verify what had happened – including that her colleague had sent out an incorrect response letter – and that my GP would be informed that I hadn’t just ignored their letters. She ended by telling me that her Manager would be informed, and told me his name.

Now that’s how everyone deserves to be dealt with.

With patience, courtesy, and kindness.