Where have I been?

Seven days have passed. Stuff has happened. I haven’t written. I don’t really know why.

My last posts were about not feeling well. It turned out I had a viral throat infection. Needed lots of liquids and lots of rest. I was prescribed a throat spray to ease the pain. It worked like a charm and within a day or so I felt so much better.

Creative activity

But mentally I had crashed and that took longer to break through. I needed to be creative. I trawled through my stash and found some beads that inspired me. Green wood discs; matte black dyed jade; light aqua striped agate. Out came my necklace design board and I set to work, arranging, re-arranging until I had something unlike anything I’d designed before. I find it a cathartic yet soothing process.

Physical activity

Being creative tends to mean a lot of sitting for me. I’d already had to rest – more sitting. Now I needed to get physical. We are having work done in our hall, stairwell, and gallery. That has meant scaffolding filling the downstairs open spaces. That has meant crouching to get upstairs and bottom-bumping to get down. Not conducive to moving around the house. I’ve wanted to re-arrange my crafting cupboard for a long, long time. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Over the past few days I’ve worked intermittently on my cupboard revamp and I’m so close to completion. It has taken longer than planned as another problem with having scaffolding is that it’s made it impossible to reach the DIY tool bag. Onward and upward, so I’ve decided to sort my jewellery makes. I didn’t realise how much I have in various boxes, bags, and drawers.


I’ve created. I’ve re-organised. I’ve re-assessed.

I’ve decided to offer a lot of my ‘makes’ for sale on my Folksy Shop. In a SALE. I feel as if I need to do something really positive. If it works then that’s great. If it doesn’t work then I’ve hurt no-one but myself.

Two last things.
1. I really wanted to post photos with this. Time ran out. I’m still not finished.
2. If you’d like to check out my Folksy Shop sale, that’s awesome. You’ll find me at GeMa Inspirations