After the Visit: my poem about Social Overload

My friend has gone

I feel exhausted
by smiles that have no depth
by words that have no meaning

things to say
to while away
the hours
of her stay

relieved to say
my friend can’t stay

but who can clear
the fall-out, the fear
and stay quite near

now that my friend has gone.

Note about the poem:
• it was written when I was an in-patient on an Acute Ward at the local Mental Hospital; I can’t recall now whether it was written after an actual visit – I suspect it was – nor who had visited
• the dichotomy I had – always have – is that I want distraction but don’t have the stamina to sustain companionship; a further problem is that, even on really good days, I find small talk exhausting as it’s all about giving out trivial ideas/thoughts and getting nothing back but more trivia to fill the void (it could be argued that you should be glad you got rid of it and don’t want any of the same back)