Another year older? Just another number.

Nine days to go and I hit 69.

I embrace the number – hey it’s a multiple of 3! – and I feel it’ll be a good one. I’ll be celebrating in the Lake District and that always means visiting Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. Three shows are booked (another 3) and we set off on the 6th.
I’m so positive it hurts.

I never thought I’d last this long – often didn’t want to last this long. But that’s in the past and right now I want to wring every drop out of my days.

So, to anyone who turned 69 this year,
and fellow Virgos
and fellow Tigers (my Chinese Sign)
and fellow Vines (my Druidic Sign)
have an absolutely wonderful year.

And if you celebrate any special day this year, then you have a great one too.

Embrace yourself, your uniqueness, your choices. We are all special  and deserved to be loved and to love.