Rust Reclaimed: surreal photographic images

‘Nature reclaims what man neglects.’

One of my pleasures is photography. One of my passions is manipulating the images I take into statements about how I see the world.

When I create composite images I try to only use those photographs I took at that location. Nothing – not the sky, the plants, the infrastructure – is added from elsewhere. That was the case in the upper image. In the lower one, as a complete contrast, I added Welsh poppies that were growing in my garden as a foreground.

The images for Rust Reclaimed were taken at a remote railway station in North Wales where rusting engines and rolling stock stood alongside the working track. Green leafy plants grew there too and I found the colours vibrant.

The images above were two of those I used in the composites. I’ve always found that I take more photographs of the finer details, the ‘off-the-wall’ take on a situation or place. I enjoy putting these details together with the bigger picture, sometimes allowing them to command the scene in their own right. I hope you enjoy the effect too.