Should Blogs appeal to a wider audience or be about subjects we are passionate about?

This morning I read a great post that made the observation that some of their topics are read and reacted to while others fall on stony ground. Comments that followed described how some of their posts received few or no views at all. It was also suggested that the subjects that got little feedback were unpopular.

I think that these are valid arguments.

When I read about blogging, how to increase reader numbers, how to improve interest levels, it seems to be about money. But I wonder how many bloggers set out to blog for an income. And if these bloggers are not interested in money then it could be that their passion is driving them. That is surely not a bad thing.

Just this week I have experienced a very marked distinction between the views and likes I’ve had for different themes I’ve posted on.
Four months ago I started blogging with the aim of sharing my experience of mental health and neuro-diversity issues. I am finding that these topics usually have a few Views and slightly fewer Likes.
More recently I decided I’d like to share photographs and comments on my travels and have been pleasantly surprised that I’ve gained new Followers, had more Views, and been given more Likes.
Conversely, I wrote about trying to become more ‘eco-friendly’ and this was met with a big fat nothing in terms of reader interest. It was not my intention to get into the ‘green traffic’ arena as I am genuinely very keen on reducing my negative impact on the Earth, but I did think there’d be some reaction. I wasn’t disappointed enough to decide not to write about my eco journey. Just looks like I’ll be doing it alone.

My final thoughts on this?

Rather than advising always on the ‘money making’ aspect of blogging it would be useful if there were tips on using Categories and Tags or ways to search for links that may lead to like-minded readers. I am now following bloggers who I came across via their comments on posts I’d read.

Keep writing. Keep sharing. Keep being passionate about the important things.

If you have ideas on this or totally disagree – please share. Join the conversation. Thank you for reading.