Wonders of nature: tumbling stones

After years of wanting a tumbling drum kit to work rough stones I received one as a gift. It was a basic model of motor unit and two plastic drums that required help from hubby to open and close the drums. Well, they were hard work and needed hot water and dental floss to ease the process. I kid you not! A couple of months ago I upgraded to rubber drums that were compatible with the motor unit. OH BLISS! I am now an autonomous tumbler.

Today I wanted to share the early stages of this most wondrous process. A fast track to millennia of natural erosion.

Stage 1 : Stones in the rough – agates, amethyst
Stage 2 : Still in the drum and covered in the sludge of the tumbling grit
Stage 3 : Middle of cleaning, still with some sludge coating
Stage 4 : These have been through two tumbling stages and with two grades of tumbling grit, but what a difference from the original rough exteriors
Stage 5 : This hasn’t been through the four stages of tumbling and polishing but the beauty is there already. Such delicate colours and patterns trapped inside such rough exteriors.

I hope you can appreciate from these few photographs what rare wonders are held within the rocks that surround us on this fascinating Earth.

Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s whetted your appetite to try it out for yourself.