Spectrum Future: a poem about diversity

I treated myself to a Guided Poetry Journal that purports to guide you towards finding – rediscovering – your poetic voice. I had expected to go straight in to creating poetry but it took the route through free writing prose and making word and image collages. Despite this seemingly roundabout way it has already led me to writing about matters I hadn’t previously entertained.
See my Book Review on ‘find your voice’ for more details.

The first writing prompt was in the vein of ‘finish this sentence …’ As soon as my pen touched the page my mind was in verse mode. This is the result.

Prompt: ‘If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue’

My response:

If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue,
if tomorrow there’s only an unfamiliar hue,
if the sky just reflects each feeling we show
red, yellow, green, for high times and low;
if tomorrow our sky is no longer blue
but stripy or spotty, not wavy nor true,
if the sun’s left its orbit to strike out alone
to take a unique path and not be a clone;
and depending on where it rests in our sky
a new band on the spectrum will shine and defy
what’s accepted as ‘normal’, the correct ‘type’, the right ‘gear’,
and diversity will reign supreme, the new ‘norm’ without fear.

the actual page from the journal illustrating that I wrote this poem with few changes as my thoughts took shape

If I’d have finished the sentence as prompted I might have written something a bit scientific or even sci-fi. Equipped with the freedom that verse affords me it soon evolved into a personal dialogue about diversity. Something that is much closer to my heart, and certainly a lot more relevant to my blog.