Shop listing: Libra bracelet

Moving towards the end of September and it’s officially Autumn / Fall / Spring depending on where you are in the World.
However you name it, Librans are in the ascendant.

This month I am posting my Libra bracelet.

Shades of blue narrow leather and suede with a silver Libra charm and light aqua agate bead. The charm has a scales symbol on one side and the motto “Charming” on the other.
Has magnetic clasp fastener.
Measurements: length: 7.5″ / 19cm; width of leather: 3mm; charm: 0.75″ / 17mm
All measurements are approximate.

I’m interested in astrology from the point of view of character being akin to astrological birth sign and the inter-connectedness of the Universe.
The colour of leathers and agate bead are based on the colours said to have positive resonance with Librans.
If you like this bracelet and would like to buy it the price is £8.00 + P&P.

Please contact me direct if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you. Feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading.