Coming up for Air!

It’s been pretty hectic here recently: my keyboard was practically over-heating.
Not because of things I planned or wanted to do but because my hours have been filled with Blog Housekeeping.

What has been let slide way too much is my Liking and Commenting on posts. My aim is to allow myself more time for reading as I learn so much, am entertained, and it helps me feel part of the community. That’s taken a backseat the last few days.

A negative aspect that has also slowed me down recently is multiple (and quick succession) Likes from the same site, and Comments that make no sense. They are time wasters and I refuse to respond. Except that my phone keeps pinging and I can do without that.

I’m still trying to figure out Pages and Posts, Categories and Tags. What are the more important, what should be prioritised? Why WP won’t let me use some keywords for Categories and why Pages don’t have tags? Are Pages seen when they are Published? This is quite a steep learning curve but I’d rather develop as I progress rather than hold off blogging while I increase my skills.

Yesterday I printed off lists of Pages, my Contents List including all pages and posts, all my Menus. Then I cross referenced them to find those ascribed the wrong Category, those not in the Menus. I thought I was organised but having spent too much time writing and posting rather than dedicating sufficient time to admin has resulted in quite a mess.

Today is a fresh tomorrow
I’m ready for action

Catch up soon. If you have any tips and wrinkles … or have any answers to my questions … Please add them to my Comments box. You’d make a newbie very happy.