Shop listing: Autumn bracelets ready for Fall

Today I added four bracelets to my Folksy Shop: three in warm colours with a definite Autumn/Fall theme; the other in black bedecked with silver charms just right for Hallowe’en fright night!

Wild Autumn Stag plaited leather bracelet / choker; Wild Autumn deer plaited leather bracelet / choker; Copper crown leather bangle:

Things that go bump in the night! Black Hallowe’en wrap bracelet:

If any of these take your fancy – please check them out at where you’ll find a lot more of my individual creations. Look forward to welcoming you there.

Being creative is the mainstay of my life, and poetry, prose, and photography is where I express my deepest emotions. I also enjoy the challenge of design and create jewellery, fabric bags, and garments and home items in yarn. Diagnosed with ASD at the age of 68 after fifty years in and out of the mental health system, I now aim to explore and share my experiences over these years. Apart from blogs and short articles I'll share my life in my verse and images.

2 thoughts on “Shop listing: Autumn bracelets ready for Fall

  1. These are amazing, very autumnal and warm in the colour and feel to them. I really like the leather plait and even though I’m not usual a fan of gold tones, I’m loving the copper and rose gold-ish ‘stag tag’ on the second one too. You’re very talented and creative with your jewellery!
    Caz xx

  2. Hi Caz,
    Sorry to say – but we are so alike in many ways! I’m not a fan of yellow gold either: I wear silver and white gold by choice although have some 3-colour gold combos. But I love Autumn colours and the soft rose-gold really appealed.
    Thank you so much for your comments. I love designing jewellery (if I could get planning permission for a tiny log cabin I’d hoped to try my hand at metalwork) and, as they say, it keeps me off the streets!! 😉😂
    So glad you’re back posting – hope each day is better than the last.
    Maz xxx

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