Travels on the Ffestiniog Railway

A week into Autumn and we still hadn’t travelled on the Ffestiniog Railway. That really had to be rectified while the weather still held. So today was to be the day. And what a day it turned out. Warm, sunny, and still. Perfect.

The train heads off from Porthmadog Station, a 30 minute drive from home. That meant a fairly leisurely morning with time enough to prepare a picnic lunch for the journey and a photo opportunity stop along the way.

Beautiful bespoke gate at the beginning of the footpath from Rhyd Ddu to Beddgelert.
View from the footpath, part of the Snowdonia Range.
Looking through the window watching our engine being driven to the front of the train.
View from the carriage window:
Tan-y-grisiau Reservoir of the Tan-y-grisiau Pump Storage Scheme.

It was a wonderful day.
Once you’ve parked up and boarded a train that winds its leisurely way through glorious scenery you’ve surrendered yourself to ‘enforced R&R’. And as enforced R&R goes – it’s one of the best!

Being creative is the mainstay of my life, and poetry, prose, and photography is where I express my deepest emotions. I also enjoy the challenge of design and create jewellery, fabric bags, and garments and home items in yarn. Diagnosed with ASD at the age of 68 after fifty years in and out of the mental health system, I now aim to explore and share my experiences over these years. Apart from blogs and short articles I'll share my life in my verse and images.

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