What Price? – a poem on the greatest sacrifice

 Thirty pieces of silver was all it cost:
What price to Him?
the bloodied crown of thorns, the scarlet robe;
What price to Him?
His body and His blood so freely given
to men who would deny their Lord, their Christ;
What price to Him?
falsely tried - a travesty of justice -
mocked, beaten to Golgotha place of skulls
to ignominious crucifixion;

What price to Him?
three hours of darkness for the King of Jews
an anguished Son begging His Father’s grace
begging the cup of suffering be gone
one faint last hope, before the Sacrifice;  

What price to Him?
a final cry,
the cry of man,
My God, My God,
why have you forsaken me?

What price to us?
show such love to others as we’d be loved
sing honours to the Lord who honoured us
give heartfelt thanks to Him who gave His life
who ultimately paid the dearest price.