Kick-start out of Emotional Hibernation: creativity with Photoshop Elements

After Shutdown the need to create continues until equilibrium returns.

Since emerging from my emotional hibernation yesterday evening I have written a blog post, continued with crochet, worked in the garden. My needs are not yet satisfied and so a concentrated assault is required. My go-to activity at this stage is image manipulation when I can be as bold and immediate as I like. I can let the creatures I see emerge, dancing to my tune.

Having scanned through my folders I decided on some photographs from a visit to USA in 2003, specifically taken on the flight to the Grand Canyon.
Apologies to purists for whom ‘playing’ with photographic records is anathema but the originals were not harmed in any way during the exercise. All the images are my own and the only manipulation was to the colour rendition. I tweaked Hue and Saturation in order to accentuate the geological contours, textures, and forms. Nothing more.

From the Hoover Dam … to the Creatures of Lake Mead
Colorado River snaking through gigantic ripples of earth folds.
Within mighty rock abutments miniscule striations, picked out in lilac, become visible.
Precipitous gorges are accentuated, overlaid with terracotta and turquoise.

When I was checking on spellings during the writing process I came across the disturbing fact that Lake Mead is losing water to an alarming extent and the Colorado River is beginning to dry up. This has been recorded over the past twenty years and so, with my photographs dating from 16 years ago, I could have been witnessing the beginning of this natural disaster. My mind cannot comprehend what this will mean for the people who will be affected. Without wanting to be political how is it that climate change / global warming is being questioned?