Travels 4: Autumn in North-East USA

On our journey home to England from visiting family and friends in Australia it was a no-brainer to travel via USA. The Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls were definitely on the ‘bucket list’. October in South Australia was already in the high temperatures of a Southern Hemisphere Spring; the Grand Canyon was noticeably cooler surprising us with light dustings of snow throughout the day, and Niagara was glistening with the frosts of Autumn, thick ice coating the metal barricades. In one week we had experienced every season.

When we travelled north from New York to Buffalo the temperatures were dropping and signs of impending Hallowe’en celebrations were in evidence.

Amazing buildings in dramatic settings, pumpkins on the front steps.

Driving on I saw iconic sites that had nestled in the imagination from films and childhood toys.

By the time we reached Niagara Falls temperatures had dropped below freezing. This made the spectacle all the more amazing.

Back on the road to New York and Thanksgiving Day.

Central Park has amazing rock formations amongst the trees and flower-beds.

Finally a trip to see the most iconic of all the New York attractions.

… and back to the airport.

North-East USA in November in a nutshell – Surprising. Friendly. Cold. Approachable. Entertaining. Amazing. Iconic. Beautiful. Imposing. It was all I thought it would be – and more. Eating in a fantastic restaurant over-looking Times Square. Perfect. Rainbows at Niagara Falls. Delightful. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Exquisite. Street entertainers. Spectacular.

It proved to be an amazing four-day break.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed my whistle-stop tour.

Do you have memories of places that you’ve enjoyed visiting, perhaps enjoyed more than you thought you might? Please share your happy travels. And maybe your not-so-happy ones. It’s all experience after all.