My Favourite Writers: who are yours?

I decided I’d like to share some facts about me rather than always writing about my illnesses, or about my hobbies, or giving my opinions.
I also decided I needed to get a tad more organised in so far as a schedule for my postings is concerned.

One idea I came up with was to have a ‘Friday Favourites’, and this week it was going to be about my favourites writers. As so often happens things overcame time and so, a day late, here is my first Friday favourites.

I love literature – novels, verse, drama – of many different genres. I have read and studied the written word for a huge part of my life and I genuinely believe that immersing yourself in fiction can have a profound affect on how you relate to the world.
I enjoy non-fiction as well and these days I am more likely to purchase and read factual writing. But that is for another day …

I’ve decided to list the writers I return to, or whose work I seek out, alphabetically. It is eclectic. There are novelists and playwrights (poets are also for another time), writers of fantasy, horror, comedy, crime, science-fiction. They represent Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Russia, Germany, Colombia. The list is by no means definitive; I had to limit myself and quite a few had to be omitted.

Here is a selection of my favourite writers, wordsmiths, tellers of tales:

  • Atwood / Ali
  • Brontë / Bennett
  • Carter / Camus / Conrad
  • Dickens / Dahl / Dumas / Dostoyevsky
  • Eliot
  • Fitzgerald / Fowles
  • Graves / Golding / Galsworthy
  • Henry / Hugo / Huxley
  • Joyce / Jonson
  • King / Kafka
  • Lawrence / Lee
  • Miller / Mitford / Marquez
  • Orwell / Osborne / O’Brien
  • Pratchett / Poe
  • Rhys
  • Shields / Shriver / Steinbeck / Saki
  • Thackeray / Tey
  • Vickers
  • Weldon / Waugh / Wilde
  • Zola

Do you have writers you return to when you need comfort, or a pick-me-up, books that you just can’t be without?
Do you prefer to read anything that’s new? Or is your appetite for literature insatiable, making you scour the local bookshop or library to maintain your supply?
Please share your favourites, writers you would recommend.

Thank you for reading my list of favourites.