Do you see faces in everyday objects? You’re not the only one.

Perhaps I’m not meant to plan. This one, where I thought I’d post something each day, certainly isn’t working, but then …

I’m enjoying other stuff so I guess that’s good. I decided to put out some fun things I do based on the fact that I see faces, and images of people, everywhere I look. On different floorings (cork and ceramic tiles are a nightmare for this), in different textures, and in food. There’s a lot more but that’s just to give an idea.

So to liven up Saturday night here’s three foodie people that have graced my plate over the last few years.

Here’s a cheeky pickled onion, straight out of the jar and definitely not thinking that being eaten was the best idea he’d considered that day.
An extremely cross meringue dessert. Don’t even think about eating me!
I have to admit that this little fella is a tale of two halves.
Once cut in half I saw the face so made a reflected image and put them together. There is no manipulation other than flipping and moving and I left a slight gap top and bottom to show this. I think it’s absolutely adorab
le – and fun.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Friday fun pics. Please comment, share, or like if you have. I’d love to know if they make you chuckle too – and whether you seen faces in everyday objects.