Advent idea keeping me busy!

It’s been so long I can’t remember the last time I was able to post anything.
What I have been doing is keeping up with the wonderful, feisty people I follow. Boy, there are some fighters out there. Awesome individuals who I am so pleased to know.

On my part I haven’t been writing as I’ve been really busy getting ready for visits to family. That is – making, organising, assembling Advent Calendars for my four grandchildren: A = 13; I = 11; O = 6; H = 3. The two oldest have an Advent bag each filled with packages numbered 1 to 24. For the two youngest I’ve made calendars and filled the pockets with gifts or, for larger items, put in numbered cards to be exchanged for their parcel.

Here’s me sewing and crocheting the two ‘calendars’ with the finished articles.

It has been great fun to do. Alongside the making and buying I’ve tried to consider the kind of toys / activities that will keep them amused and busy while their parents are busy and that won’t require parental ‘input’!

I hope to be posting again soon. I have been exercising my creative side for quite a while now. Ideas for blogs are pushing to the fore and, basically, I need to write.
But first I need to bottle the lime pickle I’ve made … and finish pickling the shallots.
Oh, but I have some jewellery design ideas …