My best buy in 2019: a shiatsu massage chair

A massive combo of back pain + needing some enforced relaxation in my life = treating myself to a shiatsu massage chair.
Actually it is not really a ‘chair’ in the strictest sense as it sits on a chair, and the massagee sits on it.
But whatever it is called, it is amazing.

Rider here – I think it is amazing. I find it comfortable just to sit on without using it for the massage. My husband thinks it is uncomfortable verging on a passive form of torture.

The chair has two main massage settings – shiatsu and rolling massages. Each of these have three options: full back, upper back, lower back. Added to these is a heat setting and a thigh massage.
For me, being proportionally short from the waist up, I love the extra option that you can stop the extent of the massage at any point. So, because if I let it run for the ‘full’ back it would massage the back of my head (not very comfortable) I press a button when it reaches my neck and it remembers this setting for the remainder of the session.

It is heavy so a bit of a faff to move, but it will hang on the back of a door when not in use.

The ‘chair’ has a comfortable headrest and the pocket at the side holds the controller.

I would thoroughly recommend the chair, but – be warned – it is not for everyone. Perhaps try one first if you can?

I was disappointed with my photos so I’ll take more and post later to give a better idea. If anyone has such a chair to recommend please let us know about it. I think they are great. It has made a big different to my back health and I make sure I use it each day.