20/20 Vision: Christmas Wishes 2019

As another year draws to a close
we dress up our houses with baubles and bows;
send greetings for peace through the motorised mail
on cards that keep shedding a glittery trail;
buy trees cut to size so they’ll fit in a bowl
then wreath them in plastics to give them back soul.

Meanwhile in schools from sea to sea
all prepare their Nativity;
young innocents recall the birth
reflect upon our peace on earth,
children adorned with angel wing
gather round the crib to sing;
while others shout ‘No room! for you’,
at last a stable – that will do.

As faceless shops stack their shelves high with treats
we stockpile food for the seasonal feasts;
stressed out shoppers know they can’t take much more
as out-of-sync carols boom from each High Street store,
while they search for last gifts – no longer symbolic
Play Station, phone, anything alcoholic.

At last a needed calm appears
with hopes for a better coming year:
no accident call, no wreckage to clear
no pain from a fall, no loss of one dear
no unmet desire, no conditional love
no untamed fire, no storm from above;
no abuse undiscovered, nor innocence lost
no theft unrecovered, nor offence without cost;

To those in high office their duty be done
without looking out for who’s lost and who’s won;
thinking responsibly, self-interest ignored
dealing with issues, all disasters explored;
resolving the problems of all others first
giving hope to the poor, those who hunger and thirst;
working hard for this planet – on air, land, and sea –
for all living beings to find a safety
where diversity flourishes, where all can be free
to pursue their uniqueness – in harmony.