Christmas Diary: Boxing Day

No entry yesterday. Hey I’m on holiday!

Mum and Dad arrived and helped with Christmas lunch veggies. Had super relaxing afternoon. After they left I was just finishing my wine when Rob arrived. I’d seen him around work but we’d not really spoken until the office party. He’s a bit ‘off-the-wall’- maybe that’s why we seemed to click.  Sat and chatted for hours and he drove me home. That was it. Until last night.

Then it all became slightly bizarre. He arrived with a partridge in a pear-tree! Then left.
Different. Strange. Kinda special.
Not sure what to think though.

Boxing Day

The partridge was content to forage in the undergrowth while I planted the pear-tree.

A courier pulled up and startled both of us! He brought me a cardboard box – containing two turtle doves. And some extremely useful instructions.
Just as well.

All three birds are fine together and the two doves appear to have settled quite happily in the dovecote. Lucky there’s one here.
Or perhaps Rob had made a mental note when he brought me home. Wouldn’t put it past him. He seems to have an eye for detail.

This is so romantic! Unusual. But romantic.