Christmas Diary: Day 12

5th January


Woken by sound of twelve young lords leaping wildly about in garden. Geese non-plussed. Others far too serious for such nonsense. Lords did look wonderfully handsome though, and very colourful.

I had an idea and invited them in for coffee. One of them mentioned a little indiscretion between Rob and one, if not two, of the dancers.  Obviously unaware of relationship Rob and I had.

Yep. Had. Not going down that road again!  No wonder he was so willing to put them up.

All I have to do now is choose right moment to tell him the wedding’s off.


Thinking over past week, I’ve set up links to supply milk and eggs and formed home-help company from scratch. And sold swans.
Also collecting management fees for dancers, drummers, and pipers. Made sure contracts signed and sealed.
Surprised by natural business acumen!

Planning to start Escort Agency with the lords.
They’re overjoyed, and I’ll be set for life!

Finally realised I’ll survive without a man in my life.  Admittedly I’ve Rob to thank.
And Charlie. In first few days I was floundering. Then she stepped into my life. Now can’t bear thought of her stepping out.
It’s mutual.
Double sweet.