Window on my world: art and artists

After my previous ‘heavy’ posts I wanted to share some of my lighter moments on this wet and windy Saturday.

I’ve written about my need to be creative and posted photographs taken on my travels, surreal images, as well as examples of my craft work.
Stashed away at the moment are my various painting and sketching resources. This form of creativity is something I’ve dipped into over the decades although the majority of my work is fairly dark, being a fundamental part of my therapy.

So for my first ‘Saturday Share’ here are a few of my artworks. The genres and media are eclectic.

A graphite sketch I composed by combining two separate images of Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel.

In Ulverston, a small town in Cumbria, there’s a Laurel & Hardy museum that I visited in the 1980s. It was quite small but packed with such interesting memorabilia. There was also a wonderful tiny cinema – red plush upholstery – screening ‘Sons of the Desert’ over and over. Fantastic!
Why here? Ulverston is the birthplace of Stan Laurel.

Henry VIII hand puppet
Felt vegetables stitched onto a hessian background

Every so often I’ll do a major sewing project – usually for a specific purpose.
As part of the Art component of my Bachelor of Education we were taught to sew hand puppets. This was fantastic as it allowed us to practise so many techniques. Deciding on my character was a no-brainer as I had been drawing and painting Henry VIII for years.
I decided to stitch the veggie collage for my first term with my first class. It was the Autumn Term and one of the topics was ‘Harvest’. It has stood the test of time – 32 years later and it is hanging in my kitchen! That’s the reason the cauliflower is looking rather faded.

Must admit I’ve found acrylic much more forgiving than watercolour.

copied from: Lane of Poplars near Nuenen, van Gogh
copied from: Cornfield with Cypresses, van Gogh

I don’t copy because it’s easier. I find it concentrates my mind more and pushes me towards a greater discipline. More importantly it helps me toward a finer appreciation of the way artists create.
I admire the ‘Impressionists’ and find the way that van Gogh could describe mental anguish in a few brushstrokes truly inspiring. I also enjoy the assured work of the Pre-Raphaelites, the deftness of Turner, the finesse of Ingres and Durer. Oh, and so much more – from Giotto to Georgia O’Keeffe, Holbein to Hopper, Kahlo to Kandinsky.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ‘Saturday Share’.
Happy Saturday. Happy Weekend. Happy Everyday.

Thank you for reading my post and checking out what I’m up to.
Please share your favourite artists or artworks. And if you have any tips for working in different media I’d be very pleased to read them.