More veggie fun

With all the ‘less-than-great’ news doing the rounds I thought I’d inject some sun into Funday Night.

As in my previous ‘fun veggie faces’ post, both these images are of actual vegetables that have found their way to my chopping board. These guys are rather special. I prepare lots of veg every day and in the past couple of months only these two have been immortalised.

Meet Red Onion Face #2.

This little chap has the cutest eyebrows that give him a wistful look. Perhaps he’s dreaming of better times ahead.

Meet Celeriac Head.
(confession: although I did not alter the ‘eye sockets’ I did blend the colours)

Despite appearance celeriac has the most delicate flavour. If you haven’t tried it, the taste is akin to celery. Clue’s in the name.
Now I have to admit that celeriac can be a pretty ugly brute. (Oxymoron? Not quite.) Whenever I see them I wonder if it was a celeriac that inspired the aliens in Star Trek and Star Wars. And although not a Dead Ringer, I often think of Jabba the Hutt when I’ve one on my chopping board.

Recipe alert: I prepared this one for lunch today: boiled small chunks; drained then mashed with olive oil; thickened with ground almonds; flavoured with black pepper and home-made honey & cider mustard.

How did I get these images? Photoshop Elements.

For those of you who may want to have a go I’ve listed basic instructions below. If it’s not clear enough please let me know.

  • remove background – usually my worktop (kitchen counter) with the usual cooking preparation clutter
  • tweak image with the ‘shadows’ and ‘saturation’ functions – not too much as I didn’t want them to look totally unrealistic
  • open a New Layer for the background
  • move the image onto the new background layer
  • from the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen open a second image
  • using ‘image’ menu flip the image horizontally
  • at this point you decide the mirrored effect you are after; the part of the image you don’t want is the one you need to ‘cut’ in the next stage
  • using the rectangular marquee select the side of the image you do not plan on using; use ‘edit’ – ‘cut’ to remove
  • from thumbnails at bottom of screen select the main layer with tweaked image
  • using ‘move’ slide the cut image onto the main layer; rearrange layers if this isn’t on the top
  • use ‘move’ arrows to position top layer so that the mirrored image you want is achieved

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post. I’ve enjoyed creating my fun veggies.
If you find any interesting or fun items in your fruit or veggie baskets please share. What’s the strangest fruit or veg you’ve come across?

Thank you for reading.