Sussex Saga: a passive protest

Well the news is in and I can only respond with a Passive Protest.

The Queen’s statement following the ‘Sandringham Summit’ appears to be offering everything the Sussexes want. Let me re-phrase that, everything Ms Markle wants.

Now I cannot fathom which of two reasons would have led the Royal Family (vis The Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William) to come to this decision:
1. they are too accommodating for their own good
2. the blackmail got to them

I’m against the first one as I fear this will set a terrible precedent for the Markle Mind Machinations
I’m against the second because bullying should not be allowed to win

For those who have not heard about the ‘blackmail’, the Sussexes have let it be known that if they do not get the deal they want then there will be a ‘no-holds-barred’ interview which their journalist friend says will ‘not be pretty’. They have threatened to tell all about their life within the Royal circle – whatever that may mean.

However you look at it, this is deplorable.

To accompany this post I’ve decided to include a few of the artworks I made during Art Therapy sessions in a Psychiatric Hospital. They were my responses to feelings of helplessness, overwhelming societal pressures, and invalidation.

I have no objection to anyone wanting to ‘go their own way’. What I do object to is when it comes with a sustained attack on others in a way that makes you appear the victim. This is malicious. Maybe even malevolent.

I hope the whole situation takes a turn for the better. And soon. The Queen certainly deserves that having been treated so disrespectfully.
It has afforded foreign newspapers the chance to ridicule, and given a foot in the door to republicans. If the Sussexes were hoping to continue receiving the privileges of royalty they will have to look to themselves if the system comes crashing down around them.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and heartfelt grievances.
Let’s look forward to a brighter future, and a better world.