Snowdrops springing up

The magic of nature

We’ve had morning frosts that have crackled the grass underfoot.
Howling winds that have blown branches from trees.
Rain and sleet that have lashed at windows.

Underground, and totally unaware of the mayhem above, delicate snowdrops plan their escape.
Unaware that their fragility is no match for the ice-hard earth, they emerge.
Unaware that bitter rains will hammer down upon the insignificant blooms, they stand triumphant.

Delicate. Fragile. Insignificant.

Luckily for the snowdrops they don’t know what we know.
And so they escape, emerge, and triumph.

I’d like to be more like them. Survivors. Against all odds.

Do you have a plant or creature that you’d like to be? If only in spirit.
Please share your thoughts.

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