New coin rejection: politics or punctuation?

On Friday this week a new 50p coin is to be issued. Not any run-of-the-mill coin – or should that be run-of-the-mint coin – but one to commemorate the UK beginning its departure from the European Union.

For whatever reason it is being issued the bottom line is, it’s a coin. It’s money. Small change to some. In the past two days I’ve read accounts of two individuals who have announced that they will refuse to accept it.

For the first, it is a political stand that he is making. Having worked for Tony Blair and voted to ‘remain’ he will not carry anything Brexit-y on his person. He has said he will refuse to take the offending coin in change, insisting that he be given ‘two 20p coins + a 10p’ instead.

The second, Sir Philip Pullman, will refuse the coin as it offends him on a point of punctuation. In the design the Oxford comma has been omitted. Now I’m in total agreement that the Oxford comma is required in this instance – but to refuse to accept a coin on that basis?

Both these men have every right to make their point for whatever reason. They can mount their own little protest. That is their prerogative.

But what they have no right to do is to cause additional work and time-wasting for those people who work in shops, railway stations, Post Offices, or wherever else they spend their cash. If they do not want to be in a situation where they may be given 50p in change, well then – they should always have the correct amount of money with them for any transaction.

All currency in notes in the UK features someone, as well as her Majesty. I may not agree with what some of the people may stand for, but I’m not prepared to make a stand at someone else’s expense. What about republicans? I’m sure they carry the Queen around in their wallets.

What do you think about the stand some people are taking? Is it right to make a protest that affects individuals who have nothing to do with it? Please let me know what you think? Will you use the new coin? Is it just money to you?

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