Ready for Valentine Day

St Valentine was a martyr, dying a martyr’s death.

Other than that, the facts of the person (there’s also the possibility that the saint was a woman) are open to conjecture.

  • there were lots of people named Valentine because, well, it was a very popular name for around six hundred years as ‘“Valentinus” signified being worthy, strong or powerful
  • there was a Pope Valentine
  • there was enough confusion about the identity, and the legitimate claims, for the sainthood that St Valentine was discontinued from veneration by the Catholic Church in 1969
  • he / she, like all saints it appears, was kept very busy: as well as being patron saint of engaged couples, happy marriages, and lovers, there was also the spiritual responsibility for beekeeping, epilepsy, plague, fainting and travelling – perhaps that’s why there needed to be more than one of them?!

To celebrate the Saint’s Day here’s a love poem from me to you:

In class we’d often ‘Show and Tell’
to break the ice and link with peers;
and writers’ skill of ‘show’ not ‘tell’
brings life to smiles, and hopes, and tears;

and showing love – a love so deep –
transcending words that simply tell,
can bring about a trusting love
that never doubts that all is well.

Trusting and true
my love for you
unconditional, too.

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Thank you for reading.