Time to think about some great R&R: travels in Ireland – 1

As soon as ‘Early Bird’ emails from the likes of Theatre by the Lake and the Hay Festival ping into my inbox it is time to begin planning for this year’s leisure activities.

With this in mind I’d like to share some of the wonderful places we’ve visited in the past few years just to whet the travel-buds. And perhaps give a few ideas for ventures new.
And with Travels in Ireland I shall begin …

I cannot deny it, I enjoy planning and organising and to this end I draw maps and sketch out itinerary ideas. For our trip to Ireland I made maps to aid planning and timing for the places we’d decided we’d like to see.

Arrival at Dublin ferry port went without a hitch – although as we were towing our caravan perhaps that’s not the best expression to use! We headed off to our first stop in Tipperary, a fantastic caravan site in Glen of Aherlow. With that as a base we were able visit County Wexford, Rock of Cashel, and the City of Cork, home of my Cronin ancestors.

View from caravan at the Tipperary Site

Tipperary was a great base for exploring the South East corner of the Republic and certainly one we would revisit for further travels in the area. The owner, George Drew, was fantastic and rode his bicycle around the grounds each day checking the site and ensuring that all was running smoothly.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my first offering of photos taken in the wonderful South and South East of Ireland. If you have, please like, share, and comment. If you have further suggestions for must-see places, ones that may be off the beaten track, please let me know. We shall be returning.
Thank you for reading, and Happy 2020 Travels.

Published by Marilyn

Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder after fifty years in the mental health system I decided to share my experiences and consider the impact my health has had on my well-being. Being creative is the mainstay of my life and it's how I express my deepest emotions. Photography, writing, and design challenge me and help keep me rooted in the present.

2 thoughts on “Time to think about some great R&R: travels in Ireland – 1

  1. I love that green, pink & orange building, especially the ‘gone mad’ sign, brilliant! You’ve got lots of fab photos, Maz!It looks like you’ve done a lot of exploring, do you have any particular place that’s been your favourite area to visit. I’ve sadly never been to Ireland at all but I’d love to go one day so I can see what it’s like for myself.
    Caz xx

    1. Hi Caz,
      Don’t know what you’re into but whatever it is Ireland’s probably got it! They just love colour and I couldn’t get over how vibrant it all was. especially in the South. Ring of Kerry is spectacular for scenery, but for sheer in-your-face WOW it would have to be Cliffs of Moher on the Wild Atlantic Coast, and Giant’s Causeway in NI. That is nothing like you’ve seen on cropped photos. Most amazing is just North of Dublin in Boyne Valley where there are megalithic sites with more history than most other places on the planet. Check out Newgrange and Knowth if you want a flavour online. A bus takes you there and the guides were brilliant. Visually is a place that features in almost all landscape photography books – the Dark Hedges, again in the very North.
      I’ll be posting more over the coming weeks but I’m more than happy to give you more info. We certainly plan to go back but to do more in a smaller area at a time.
      Have a great evening. We’ve just been watching Great British Year so check that out if you enjoy wildlife photography. There’s just a few days left on BBC i-player for Spring.
      Take care.
      Maz XXX

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