After Storm Dennis come the daffodils

Our daffodils were ready to emerge into a brave new world only to be confronted by storm Ciara, followed closely by Dennis.
They decided they were fed up waiting and came out anyway. A few lost their heads, but most are fit and well and basking in today’s sunshine.

While photographing the daffodils a couple of our feathered residents decided to check out the action.

This chap was a bit far away for a clear shot
but I still think he looks splendid.

The cherry blossom isn’t going to let a few windy days stop it either.

Lastly, the heathers are holding their own with no sign of being intimidated.

To my delight the wildlife just gets on with ‘life in the wild’. The grass is sodden; squelchy underfoot, with so much surface water that it rises above my garden boots as I walk. There are large pools in the flower beds, and still the plants are determined to welcome the new Season.
Birds are calling to each other, making the most of the longer, brighter days, and foraging for emerging food supplies.

What’s happening with the wildlife in your area? Do you have resident birds, or are you close to parkland? Have they been affected by the dreadful storms recently? With such devastation around I take pleasure and reassurance in the wonder of wildlife.

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