Colours of Me: a poem

I have spent much time recently working on jewellery projects. It relaxes me and recharges flagging batteries. My latest design was a rainbow-hued bracelet that features an artist’s palette. I got thinking about myself and the colours that reflect who I am.

Unique palette, colours of me,
Passions in red - creativity;
Deep pool visions, dream-state in blue
knowledge is power, wise-mind is true;
Jaundice yellows, venomous thought,
Cold, black defeat in battle not sought;
Orange-amber transparent cage,
untrue, uneasy, traps puerile rage;
White hot anger and leprous guilt,
Shades of green weave serenity quilt;
Affirming purple, empowering me
sure-foot confidence, positivity.

Do you have colours that reflect how you feel, or who you are?
Favourite colours? Or ones you cannot stand to be near?
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