International Women’s Day: reflections

Been busy lately. Between attempting to do some homework, getting back into creating an image with Powertex medium, and chasing an extremely persistent ewe out of our garden there’s been precious little time for writing.
To redress this importune imbalance, I had planned for this post to dip into the pleasures and the pains of the past week but my initial draft was taken over by issues raised by today’s DBT skills course.

To the sheep.
There’s always been the notion that sheep just eat and follow, follow and eat. Not so.
This isn’t the first time I have considered the ‘thinking sheep’. A few years ago I created an image celebrating such a creature.

The ewe that has taken over our lives these past days has made Monty Python’s Harold the Clever Sheep come to mind. I have witnessed her surveying our garden from the advantage of the bluff behind it. Watched as she sauntered down – casually – but always fixed on her goal. To see how she gets in we’ve set up a trail camera; the following images are not the best but are sufficient to give an idea of her strategies.

As we’re waiting for a waller to repair the damage after the latest storms, obstacles were put in place. Nothing seemed to deter her.
At every ‘low’ part more obstacles added … and still she went for it.
Having sussed out that her preferred spot was now impossible, such was her sheer grit and determination that she jumped onto a lower point, walked along the top (which meant she had to step over and between the upright stones) until she reached a narrow space she could get through.

To me she is an inspiration, albeit an incredibly annoying and troublesome creature. There was nothing that she let get in the way of what she wanted.

And so, for yesterday’s International Women’s Day – I give you Ethel the Ewe (another Monty Python reference, taken from ‘Ethel the Frog’), my inspirational female of the species.

To women everywhere – and to those who are ‘there’ for you – I hope you had an inspiring day / were able to inspire someone, but mostly that you were content in yourself and in your own way.

For a bit of balance, I am very fortunate in that I shall be seeing my favourite inspirational woman later in the year – Sandi Toksvig.

I hope you have enjoyed my post. I should be honoured if you liked, shared, and commented with your own ideas for inspirational women.
Thank you for reading.