Marriage Lines: a celebration

Today my husband and I clocked up forty seven years of marriage. We’ve been together just sixteen weeks longer than that.
Yes, that was fast going, and no, I wasn’t pregnant!

To celebrate thirty three years together I wrote a poem – a bit of fun but based on the loose facts. I’d like to share it now.

I cried on the eve of my wedding-to-be,
I’d never seen marriage as happening to me;
The thought of a life with one marriage partner
Just wasn’t the wonderful life I was after;

So, breaking all rules for prolonged marriage bliss
My fiancé then put me to bed with a kiss –
Just after midnight, the day of our wedding –
To doom and disaster we surely were heading;

I turned up at the church to tie the knot,
Though many were thinking I probably would not;
For I loved a life full of music and dancing
My husband was quiet, and not one for prancing!

But I’d made a pledge, and I meant to keep it,
As a wife and a mother I sought to be fit;
And over the years that we’ve grown together,
We’ve lived a full life, with laughs in good measure;

Working hard through the bad times to set things right,
Ignoring the upsets and the reasons we’d fight;
After thirty-three years, three homes and two sons,
We’re happier than ever – becoming as ‘one’;

We says things together – our thoughts are the same,
We take time for a cuddle, life’s a bit of a game;
So now I can say I’m as glad as can be
That I did show up in March seventy-three.

To all those who love and are loved – have a happy day.

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