Message Across the Pond: NW to NA

Over the past week or so I’ve come up with a personal mantra:
Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Apart.
I’d like to send these thoughts across the pond to some very special bloggers, and to those they represent.

Lavender & Levity, stay well:
this is a particularly scary time for those with compromised health issues, and painful backstories; I wish you oodles of strength, physical and mental, to see you through until we can all emerge into the sunshine once more. Reading your words can be thought-provoking and inspiring, always (well perhaps not ALL) fun. These are tough times for humour.

OtakuRN, A Black Female Nerd, stay safe:
profound purpose is the order of the day for wonderful health workers like yourself who are heading the fight against this insidious, relentless enemy; prioritising your own health at this time is not selfish, but rather it is self-less, because without you there would be nothing and no one to care for the sick and vulnerable. Thank you and thanks to everyone on the front line.

Beauty Beyond Bones, stay apart:
beauty living in an epicentre of an ugly truth, self-confessed extrovert keeping your distance within NYC, while sharing your faith so that others may gain inner strength from your deep reflections. Your words are a blessing to many, and an inspiration to all who have raised themselves from personal trauma. On top of that, your recipes are delicious.

PoojaG, stay connected through your studies:
recently you’ve been under pressure of deadlines at Uni and I hope that you can use this unique opportunity to connect by sharing your insights; to pause, rethink, and give yourself permission to step off the treadmill. Get that reading list drawn up, start on the book you’re going to write, clear a cupboard ready to donate to charity when this is all over. And breathe.

I don’t know any of you personally – I don’t even have the remotest idea where you live – and I hope my message to you doesn’t come across as patronising or flippant. Through reading your blogs I feel that you represent so many people, not just women but humanity.

So to you and all who read my words,
Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Apart.
Air hugs to all, and thank you for reading.