Mindsets in a time of crisis

Just as every other day and every other week there will be positives and negatives to the way people act and react. In times of extreme crisis, even pandemics, there will be similar situations played out.
Mindsets are finite, and this is unfortunate.

Mindsets that take advantage of disadvantage

There will be lots of scams doing the rounds at a time when so many people are extra vulnerable. Some have hit the headlines, like the scumbags who have forced their way in to the homes of the elderly on the pretext of offering some sort of support for or advice about coronavirus.

I have received two types of emails in the past two weeks that also want to infiltrate my personal space, albeit via hacking into my computer software.

So far I’ve received three emails from “individuals” who fervently desire to find out if I could be their soul-mates, and one from a woman who “lives locally” and is looking for “someone who wants a friend for casual sex”. The second and third were definitely looking for a male friend and just a check on my name should suggest that I am not male. My guess is that the software that generates these emails is not sophisticated enough to differentiate. Please BEWARE of such emails. These people do not want pen-pals, nor soul-mates, nor casual sex; they just want access to your computer system.

The second method is to send an email that looks like it comes from someone known to you. When you open the message it will often be just a link that your “friend” may encourage you to check out. I received one this evening. The first part looked totally genuine. The address was that of the person I know but with “.or.kr” at the end. I searched for the country code “kr” and found that it’s for South Korea. Again, BEWARE. If you receive an email with an unknown suffix on the address check it out. And never open a link to something you do not know about or recognise.

If you have been a recipient, or have heard about other types of scams please share here so that we can all be on guard. The situation we find ourselves in is terrible enough without others taking advantage.
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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart.
Thank you for reading.