Mindsets in a time of crisis: 2

More lowlifes crawling out of the online floorboards

I really did hope that further warnings about on-line opportunists would not be necessary. How wrong I was.
Since my warning about emails purportedly from people known to you, and others from young ladies who think you are their ‘soul mate’, other kinds of messages have been popping into my Inbox. All unsolicited and unwanted.

Just like the messages from people who want to be a ‘pen pal’ in these times of extreme isolation, these new ones offer emotional support of varying kinds. They may be genuine, I cannot categorically state otherwise, but coming at a time when so many are vulnerable it seems most unlikely. All I want to do is to offer a note of caution.

The first has the subject as “Start spinning – Benefit from your Golden Welcome Package”. Call me naïve, but as an avid crafter I truly thought it might be about wool spinning! Wrong!! It’s a gambling site, and the spinning refers to a roulette wheel.

The second subject was “Positive energies will protect you”. This one offered me information about my aura and the chance to get health protection by clearing my aura through a protection ritual.

The third subject was much more personal, “Marilyn, I can answer all your questions”, and sent by an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Parapsychologist.

Why I have deleted these messages

  • there is a very wise saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”
  • I don’t gamble, not because I do not approve (I have had the odd flutter in the past) but because the average punter has the odds stacked against them; but mostly I would not trust any site that hit on me out of the blue
  • I have had an aura reading, in person by someone I trusted; there is no mystique involved, no magic, no ritual; I have chakra stones and create chakra jewellery but mostly because I enjoy their colours
  • no astrologer, no psychic, nor parapsychologist can ever answer ALL questions; I have a sister who has studied astrology, and I have made charts for a few people; my mother was and my best friend is a psychic medium and they would never agree to answer every question an individual might ask

As I said, the people sending out these messages may be totally genuine and it is not my aim to broad-brush condemn every motive; just please treat each claim with a little circumspection.

If you have any experience of any of the messages I have mentioned please pass on your thoughts. If you have used any such service successfully please pass on your recommendations to help others.

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Thank you for reading.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart. X