Girl at a Window: lockdown

Like many, many others my thoughts have been turning repeatedly to the situation we are all in at the moment, gripped by the global threat that is Covid-19. I have written about it from various angles but now I am beginning to approach it from a purely creative stand.

Recently my husband purchased Affinity, a photographic image manipulation program. Well, it does more but that is basically what I have used it as.
When learning anything new I prefer a ‘hands-on’ approach and decided to make my take on the coronavirus lockdown my first project.

I began with a pen and ink sketch I had made at college then, to create the illusion of being isolated within a city, I added parts of photographs I had taken when I visited New York many years ago. There is no ‘hidden agenda’ intended it just happened that I do not have images from any other major city.

Being totally new to the program, this being my first project, I accept that this is more akin to ‘work in progress’. But I had fun working with it, and the tools and personas that are features of Affinity are fun to get to grips with.

Girl at a Window

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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart. X