Earth Day 2020

A Woodland Walk, in Spring

‘then the wood, suddenly cool, opening up, spaciously, before us’
Sounds of children greeted us,
held back behind iron gates
laughter carousing on the air,
taunting, haunting.
And I was back at school.

And then the wood, suddenly cool
opening up, spaciously, before us;
stepping into silence
into the perfect greens of leaves
and the paling of blue bells, once sapphire;
colour carpet astonished the eye
vibrant hues of pinks and purples
gently blowing, these delicate flowers,
gently blowing in a tamed wind;
then the perfume -
smell of hawthorn, teasing, bitter-sweet,
traces of lilac in the chestnut blooms,
and the fragrance on the wind.
And I was at peace.

Through the mud in nice clean shoes
not fit for this purpose –
but how fit the hands of friendship
reaching out – reaching out
those hands of friendship.
And I was safe.
‘the paling of blue bells …’
Purple sapphire
‘gently blowing, these delicate flowers’
‘the perfect greens of leaves’

I wrote A Woodland Walk twenty years ago following a walk with a U3A (University of the Third Age) group. It hadn’t been planned – hence my unsuitable footwear – and I was grateful for the help offered by fellow walkers when we came across a small stream.

The photographs were taken about ten years later during a walk in our local woods. My husband and I went there regularly, enjoying all weathers and all Seasons and often taking cameras to capture the ever-evolving beauty.

On this year’s Earth Day I wanted to share my personal pleasure in our magical earth in word and image.
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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart.