Girl at a Window: lockdown

visions of skyscrapers catching my glare
cloud-smothered memories fading in air
ghost trails of people I once used to greet
staring through glass overlooking the street;
walls are my universe, earth, sea, and sky
sprawling on tufted rug, this is my lie
wailing of sirens masking each cry;

delicate treetops bow with a sigh
bees, birds, and butterflies swoop and fly
buzzing, and chirping, they soar on high;
birdsong my concert, words my new friend
time for restoring, heal hurt and mend
quiet reflection, most welcome trend;

people more special, clocks will not rule
time a most precious, coveted jewel,
knowledge acquired, a powerful tool;
handwritten letters, showing you cared
food to be savoured, enjoyment shared
meals once rushed, now mindfully prepared;

searching the windows from out in the street
planning with friends to meet and to greet;
memories of past times fading in air
shielding my eyes from sun’s welcoming glare
a whole new world waiting for our love and our care.

My poem accompanies the image I posted some days ago. Lockdown seems to slow all things, not least my ability to continue with regular blog posts.
Hibernation comes at a price. Perhaps in some ways it is for our own good

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Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart. X