Art in the time of lockdown #1

There have been so many wonderful images coming out of this time of lockdown. I thought it would be fun to put my own spin on some well-known, and perhaps not so well-known artworks from the past.

me loving me”

me loving me : with colour, movement, and fun is a new way of portraying myself


  • used Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop Elements to manipulate self-portrait
  • first stage, used Adobe Elements to replace the original colours with a blue monotone, and then to distort the image using ‘Filter – Distort – Twirl’
  • second stage, created six copies in Elements each with a different area erased (my reason for using Elements was simply because I feel more competent and I wanted this to be a quick process)
  • third stage, opened a new blank square canvas in Affinity and added the images from Elements using the ‘Place’ tool in the File Menu
  • fourth stage, where the fun begins working on each layer at a time to colour, manipulate, and blend the original images
  • fifth stage, creating the ‘frame’ by opening a ‘New Layer’ – using ‘Effects’ to shape and ‘Styles’ to colour
  • finally working on one of the layers to bring the colours outside the ‘frame’ using the ‘Paint Mixer Brush’ tool

Reason for my title? My inspiration came from a work titled “Lovers” and I had taken the original self-portrait at a time of serious illness, distorting that image to replicate the inner twisting and turmoil of my mind. I definitely did not love myself. Working with the image fifteen years on it’s time to embrace my differences, and state categorically “me loving me“.


Howard Hodgkin’s “Lovers” created 1984-9, oil on canvas

British artist who spent much time in USA and India.
Bold colour blocks, a raw simplicity, and a use of the frame as part of the canvas were all hall-marks of his style.
From being viewed as peripheral within the art world, Hodgkin is considered one of the cornerstones of contemporary painting as well as being a prolific print-maker.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my artwork and perhaps you have been doing something similar at this time of ‘enforced’ partial isolation.
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Thank you for reading.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay apart. X